Here are some ways that you can support Operation Husky 2013


Salute-300x291Participate in the remembrance ceremonies-In honour of those who fought and those who fell, we are organizing a memorial campaign for the operation’s 70th anniversary. Operation Husky 2013 will feature two main ceremonies; on July 10, 2013 on the beaches near Pachino and on July 30th at the Canadian War Cemetery in Agira.

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Sponsor a soldier's marker

Sponsor a soldier’s marker

Sponsor a Soldier’s MarkerSchools in Montreal and schools in Sicily are helping us prepare an individual marker for each of the 562 soldiers who fell in 1943.  As we march each day, in clusters along the side of the road, we’ll be placing these markers which feature a message from a student honoring one of the soldiers. These will be all over the Sicilian countryside creating a vision for Sicilians in each community where we march, giving a real feel for the Canadian sacrifice. Individuals, families, organizations or companies who sponsor one of these markers may chose the specific solider they wish to honour.

The maple leaf on each marker will be made by students in Canada while the rest of the markers will be made by students in Italy.