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Please note- Operation Husky 2013 is still accepting donations in the hopes of off-setting the many costs of this project. The markers have now all been planted and our team has since returned to Canada. It is no longer possible to inscribe sponsor’s names on the markers

Canada’s Legacy in Sicily

Sponsor a Marker

On July 10th, 1943 more than 25, 000 Canadians landed on the beaches of Sicily. This was the first time that Allied forces had made a successful incursion into  Europe since France fell to the Nazis more than three years earlier.

Over the next 28 days, the role played by Canadian soldiers in liberating Sicily from the grip of fascism was paramount. Today, unlike other European battlefield sites, there is very little to mark the immense contribution made by Canada towards the freedom of this island. There is even a museum, the Museo Dello Sbarco,  a site dedicated to the preservation of the story of the Allied campaign in Sicily, however at the present time, there is virtually no mention of Canada’s role there.

Our objective is to finance a permanent monument to Canada’s role in winning the battle for Sicily-

This citizen driven memorial campaign has initiated several projects to rectify this historic omission.

1) We believe that the landing of the 1st Canadian Division is an important historical event. A monument has been commissioned, which is to be installed near the site of the Canadian landing in Pachino, Sicily.

2) An historical exhibit about the Canadian contribution to the campaign in Sicily. This exhibit is being assembled under the leadership of Historian, Dr. Andrew Gregory and will take up a permanent place in the Museo Dello Sbarco in Catania.

Sponsor a marker to honour our soldiers and to fund their legacy-

Each marker costs $150. During our symbolic march we planted these markers, each bearing the name of a soldier who died on that date 70 years earlier, near the spot where they fell. In so doing, we sought to visually represent the loss suffered by so many Canadian families in the liberation of Sicilian soil while funding the legacy initiatives described above.

The name of the sponsor appeared on the marker. We will not be able to make inscriptions for future sponsorships since our team is no longer on site in Sicily. We are still accepting donations to offset the cost of this unique Canadian project. You may chose the soldier you wish to sponsor from the list of the fallenPlease consider sponsoring a soldier’s marker today.

When you click on the link below, your donation will be processed via the Canada Company website. Please make your donation in the amount of $150 through this site, in order to sponsor a soldier’s marker. Thank you!!

Sponsor a Marker

If it is your preference, cheques can be sent to :

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